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Bring down the 2013 nonsense agreement


Stop the reordering!


The examinations of june 2015 will produce the second rearrangement of the provisional professorship lists.

An examination (opposition) the only thing that measures is the aptitude to do well an examination (opposition).

There are persons who are able to take very well these examinations and that do not mean anything more than that: They know how to take very well these kind of exams.

If we want to know how appropriate is a person to play a teacher job at least we should accept that involves much more than what it can be measured in a competitive examination in which the experience is undervalued.

The Education cannot improve if the more experienced teachers are expelled.

Reorder the lists harms all of us. Having a stable functioning of the lists benefits everyone of us!

Concentracions-4-febrer-2015STEPV, CPI and Afid have called for a demonstration to demand the negotiation of a new agreement that prevents the second wave of provisional teachers reordering.

Concentrations will take place next wednesday, at 18:00.

On the other hand, STEPV called for a strike: Strike will take place wednesday 25th february.

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